2010 Shanghai Customs District, metal processing...

Published on 2019-07-02

2010 Shanghai Customs District, metal processing machine tool exports Features

According to Shanghai Customs statistics, in 2010, Shanghai Customs District exported metalworking machine tools 3.762 million units, worth $ 780 million, an increase of 25.5% and 28.6% respectively over the previous year (the same below). The main features of the 2010 Shanghai Customs District, metalworking machine tool exports are as follows: 1. General trade exports accounted for more than 9 percent, the processing trade export growth.   In 2010, Shanghai Customs District in general trade exports of metal processing machines 3.398 million units, up 24% over the same period accounted for 90.3% customs area metalworking machine tool exports. In addition, exports of processing trade of metal processing machines 361,000 units, a substantial increase of 42.8%.  2. The private sector exports accounted for half of foreign-invested enterprises over state-owned enterprises as the second largest export body.   In 2010, exports of private enterprises by Shanghai Customs District, metal processing machines 1.831 million units, up 23.4%, accounting for 48.7% of total exports over the same period bed metalworking customs area. Over the same period, foreign-invested enterprises exported 1.02 million units metalworking beds, a substantial increase of 59.5%, accounting for the total amount of metal processing machine tool export customs area rose from 21.3% last year to 27.1%, exceeding the state-owned enterprises to become export customs area metalworking machine tools the second largest body; In addition, state-owned enterprises exported 784,000 units, up only 5.1%. 3. The export destinations wider distribution, Brazil, India, rapid export growth.   In 2010, Shanghai Customs District, the top 10 metal processing machine tool exports columns export markets, covering Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Oceania five continents, not only the European Union, the United States and other developed countries, including ASEAN, India and other developing countries. Among them, the EU remains the largest export market of Shanghai Customs District, total exports of 1.131 million units, up 16.6%, accounting for 30.1% year customs area of metal processing machines of total exports; the same period, the United States, ASEAN, Russia, exports were 559,000 units 35.3 million units and 27.6 million units, up 15.0%, 35.6% and 46.1%; Brazil and India were exported 277,000 units and 202,000 units, respectively, 90.4% and 86.4% surge. 4. The export is still low-end products, the majority of the average export prices of export products.   In 2010, Shanghai Customs District, metal processing machine tool exports are still small low-end value-added main varieties. Among them, the grinder outlet 1,828,000 units, up 33.1%; Saw cutter or export 882,000 units, an increase of 9%. Before the column 10 exports of goods (by HS6 digit commodity code statistics), the average export price of commodities was down 8 to varying degrees. Among them, the average export price grinder, sawing or cutting machines for each US $ 16.7 and US $ 71.5 each, respectively, down 1.8% and 0.6%, respectively (table below).   2010 Shanghai Customs District, metal processing machine tool export volume and price Fact Sheet