07 years of metal processing machine tool imports...

Published on 2018-03-27

07 years of metal processing machine tool imports and exports analysis

Electrical Chamber of Commerce, according to Chinese customs statistics data consolidation, export, 2007 export value of metal processing machine tool $ 1.651 billion, an increase of 39.22 percent over the previous year.  
   Key products export volume and amount: In 2007, the export volume sawing or cutting machines 2,572,127 units, down 4.43 percent, exports amounted $ 167 million, an increase of 5.56%; export volume CNC horizontal lathe 6988 units, up 63.12 percent, exports the amount of $ 147 million, an increase of 68.78%.  
   imports in 2007 of metalworking machine tool imports amounted to $ 7.072 billion, 2.36% decrease over the previous year.
   Key product imports and amounts: 2007 vertical machining center imports 11172 units, up 11.97 percent over the previous year, while imports amounted $ 858 million, an increase of 5.36%; horizontal machining center imported 1622 units, an increase over the previous year 9.67 %, imports amounted to $ 557 million, an increase of 5.27%; CNC horizontal lathe imported 5043 units, up 9.68% over the previous year, imports amounted to $ 418 million, an increase of 27.95%.