Nanjing Leitz Metalworking Technology to form a...

Published on 2018-03-27

Nanjing Leitz Metalworking Technology to form a new independent company

  Attached to the original Leitz (Nanjing) Leitz Metalworking section Tools Co., Ltd. was officially form a new independent company January 2, 2008, the full name: Nanjing Leitz Metalworking Technology Co., Ltd. (English: LMT China Co., Ltd .).    Germany Leitz Metalworking Technology Group (Leitz Metalworking Technology Group) is composed of six well-known European and American business combination formed from the tool, LMT in China will gradually become the localization of production, sales, as one of grinding metal cutting tools business.  At present, has successfully sold a variety of precision cutting tools in China die, automotive, aerospace, wind power and other machinery and machine tool manufacturing industries. The company set up in Nanjing sales center and set up a factory grinding services, and set up offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Shenyang and Xi'an. Companies also provide different levels of service management tools based on customer needs, since 2003, LMT China began offering a comprehensive tool management system for the Volkswagen Transmission (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Leitz Metalworking tools inductive device due to thermal expansion of the thermal expansion and contraction type toolholder promote technology development, in 2006 won the “Promoting Chinese metal processing industry 10 years, 20 major technology development outstanding contribution to enterprise,” the title. In November 2007 and won the “Car of the Year and outstanding service parts industry Supplier Award.”  LMT China new company will be better to new and old customers to provide high-quality field of metal-cutting tool products, metal processing of advanced technical solutions and multi-faceted tool service.