The first half of China's imports of metal...

Published on 2019-07-02

The first half of China’s imports of metal processing machines grew 29.4%
Published: July 30, 2014

  The first half of 2014, Chinese imports of metal processing machines 49569 units, up 29.4%. Imports amounted to $ 4.946 billion, a decline narrowed to 5.2%. Import price fell to $ 99,800 / unit.   Monthly view, Chinese imports in April 9247 sets of metal processing machines, imports $ 805 million. May imports of 11228 units, imports $ 877 million. June imports of 11187 units, imports $ 1.026 billion, the highest monthly imports amount to nearly a year and a half since the month import price of $ 91,700.   It is reported that the number of Chinese metal processing machine tools imported from Taiwan in February 4500 rose to 11,000 units more than five or six months, imports increased significantly 1.5 times the amount of imports also increased by 70%. For nearly three months, China’s imports of metal processing machines straight up the number of units, far more than before importing several each month, the amount of imports has continued to increase.   Combined with a number of data show that from the beginning of April, China’s machine tool market bottomed out quickly into the demand of the outbreak, a number of industries such as smart phones to high-cost manufacturing machine to generate substantial new demand. And this outbreak can last long Although it is impossible to accurately predict, but can be inferred: This outbreak or will end soon, for up to the end of the third quarter or early fourth quarter, after the Chinese machine tool market may enter a low ebb again .