2015 Middle East International Steel and Metal...

Published on 2018-03-27

2015 Middle East International Steel and Metal Processing Trade Fair
Published: December 11, 2014

  Show time: Year 2015 1 26 - 29 January 2015   Exhibition Frequency: Annual   Venue: Sharjah Exhibition Center   Organizer: Sharjah Exhibition Centre Group; Sharjah business associations   support units: UCIMU-SISTEMIPERPRODURRE   Info: Middle East metal processing and steel trade fair is the Middle East’s largest metal processing, metal manufacturing and steel fabrication industry fair. Since 2004 the first success, the number of exhibitors, exhibition area, exhibits the kind of rapid growth year after year, the brand has gradually affected by the global steel industry and metal processing industry attention, and is considered to enter the booming Middle East, Central Asia , Europe and North Africa steel metal processing market the best channels and platforms. The show caters to the entire steel and metal processing industry machinery and equipment tools, machine tools, welding equipment, pretreatment equipment, post-processing equipment and auxiliary equipment, additional equipment, external processing equipment supply needs! Each year the organizers will do publicity and promotion through the media and similar global event, with the greatest range of interesting visit exhibitors worldwide. Net exhibition area of over 18,000 square meters, and its influence is increasing year by year, the Gulf and other parts of the world. Show remarkable results, feedback from our exhibitors at the China survey, “In the UAE, more than 10% of people are doing the import and export trade,” and optimistic that “2015 will carry exhibits and expanded exhibition area”; According to the organizers of the feedback information, 97% of the exhibitors at the show said it would continue to participate in the 2015 exhibition.   Exhibits:   1. Metal surface treatment and post-treatment: blasting / sand, wheel, sandblasting equipment, sandblasting equipment and related accessories; ventilation systems and equipment; grinding, cutting power tools; cleaning, painting equipment; tail treatment and spray equipment; anti-rust treatment and electroplating; powder coating systems and equipment; grinding, polishing, welding machinery and equipment.   2. Steel machinery and equipment: all kinds of steel machinery, smelting furnaces, rolling equipment, pickling equipment, flexible steel / metal processing, stamping / punching / cutting equipment, flexible steel / metal forming, coil manufacturing / processing, metal cutting machine / equipment / production line, metal cutting / slitting machines, metal snake pipe / hose processing, decoiler / unwinder / pull coil machine, metal trough, air conditioning ducts molding machines, metal pipes, metal plates / beams / bar manufacturing production lines, steel / color steel / metal processing components, machinery and equipment used in the field of iron, with Saw / article / machinery, metal plate / sheet / roll processing, rolled steel / metal , a roll bending machine / roll angle / roll bending machine / metal / steel coil bending machine / bending machine or other bending machines, flanging machines, bending machines, shears, bending machine, metal / steel molding machine, water / mechanical presses, sanding / polishing / seams equipment, deburring machine, lathe / milling / drilling work center and library tools, high-precision machine tool / CNC machine tool / metal cutting machines, machining centers , motor, metal craft machinery, iron processing equipment, iron equipment, steel making and continuous casting equipment, refractory and kiln equipment, tools and related accessories.   3. Just plates, coils, all kinds of rolled steel, ship plate, boiler plate, excellent steel type, steel type, steel circulation distribution and the like.   4. Welding and Cutting: all types of arc welding, plasma welding, resistance welding, solid state pressure welding, laser welding, electroslag welding, surface welding, friction welding, tungsten inert gas shielded welding, MIG welding arc, active electron beam welding gas welding equipment and processing equipment, oil gas cutting and welding, brazing, soldering remote control, spin welding hard (soft) soldering equipment, complete sets of welding equipment, spraying equipment, welding robots, high-frequency induction heating equipment, welding auxiliary equipment, welding testing equipment, welding protection, etc.; CNC intersection cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, flame cutting machine, cutting machine, hydraulic cutting machinery.   5. Construction steel / metal pipe equipment: steel / metal pipe bending equipment, steel / metal tube forming equipment and tools, orbital welding, clamps and clamp, beveling machine / milling machine, pipe cutting systems, CNC molding cutters Wait.   6. Assist: steel, fasteners and accessories, hand tools and accessories, building steel / metal pipe equipment and tools, orbital welding, analysis and testing / measuring / non-destructive testing equipment, automation and transmission equipment, metallurgical environmental testing equipment, smelting sewage processing equipment, software, services / training, materials such as operating a crane / elevator / carts, associations / organizations / media / magazines.