AMTT: create metalworking fluid purification back...

Published on 2019-07-02

AMTT: create metalworking fluid purification back with new technology
Published: December 10, 2014

  Chengdu, a machinery factory without permission because the cutting fluid and waste emissions by administrative penalties. Metalworking fluids during machining is commonly used for cooling, lubrication, cleaning and rust and other effects. But metalworking fluids have a common drawback, after a certain period of deterioration failure will become industrial waste, waste emissions on the environment causing serious pollution and damage. According to “People’s Republic of China Solid Waste Pollution Prevention Law” the relevant provisions, discharge machining metalworking fluids are hazardous waste and therefore China’s relevant environmental protection departments to encourage enterprises to develop a recycling economy, through the application of advanced recycling technology, hazardous waste re-use.   Ann Mei Group, as a Chinese leader in metalworking fluids, a few years ago began to study the regeneration equipment metalworking fluid purification and treatment technologies, present this technique has matured, has reached the application stage.   Forge ahead and achieve business take off   Ann Mei Group, has been established for 20 years, it is accompanied by the development of China’s reform and opening-up and modern metal industry and quickly growing industrial lubricants, metalworking fluids, cleaning agents fine chemical industry, national level high-tech enterprises. In “Zundao lover, Houde lubricant” business philosophy, AMTT lubrication expertise with many years of industrial supplies in the area, through the provision of quality engineering machinery, electric power, automobile, metallurgy, steel, mold,machine tools, die-casting and other industries, stable chemical products, expanding the area of services, accelerate the development of the scale of the Group. Today, the United States and focus on products related to the eight industries, seventy-two industry.   From “Made” to “Chi-made” in transition, the United States and the Group has patented the use of technological innovation as a magic weapon, the core technology in the field of metal processing, environmental protection technology, strengthen the ability to use the patent, in order to consolidate the business in precision machinery and molds , machine tools and other industrial areas of market position. In the technological advances of the era, who pioneered the patented, will win the market, the use of the patent is the conduct of the scientific and technological enterprises. So far, the United States and has a leading more than 30 patents. In order to better service enterprises, and the United States and also PLA Logistics Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Guangzhou University and other well-known domestic institutions to carry out research cooperation and to work closely with the United States, Japan, Germany and China-related industry associations to maintain; and several electronics, bearings, automotive, heavy industry, machinery and other industries leading enterprises to establish joint research, establishment of joint laboratories, in accordance with the technical strategy for systematic research in various fields, to provide a solid guarantee for professional, top, stable product quality.   With a full range of core technology and chemical formulas, combined with the actual situation of Chinese manufacturing industry, through continuous integration of technology, practice and innovation, United States and has won the national high-tech enterprises, ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004 system certification; products through RoHS environmental standards certification. In promoting industrial development in China at the same time, United States and has been implementing cutting-edge lubrication technology, water-based metalworking fluids the whole pack and zero-emission technologies to protect the environment.   Purification and reuse technology is the industry needed   AMTT reason is committed to research metalworking fluid purification reuse technology is the result of market demand and corporate social responsibility interaction.   It is understood that the aqueous solution used in the processing of cold-rolled stainless steel molding, hardware, electronic components machining production process and the cleaning process, the cleaning solution after a long period of use becomes waste (which contains a lot of metal powders, oils, surfactants, organic additives, environmental pollution and other ingredients) is unable to discharge into the natural environment, it is necessary to reach the depth of processing by the national emission standards in order to conduct emission treatment. And this process is often difficult to achieve, even with more advanced technological means waste generated by reprocessing can make up to the national emission standards also need to pay a great deal of investment in equipment or disposal costs, which are often a lot of small and medium enterprises can not bear. “If companies do their own recycling process, the cost is very high, they buy cutting fluid, cleaning agents may have spent a lot of money, so they put such a high cost, companies may be reluctant, so how to solve the environmental and efficient use is in urgent demand on the metalworking fluids. "Dongguan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. chairman安美润slip汪小龙said.   However, the market demand is only one, the other is driven by corporate social responsibility United States and do this project. More and more enterprises have realized the importance of the relationship between land prices and environmental needs, aware of their responsibility for sustainable development of the shoulder. According to the reporter, AMTT Group’s corporate culture have been guided by "Zundao lover, Houde lubricant,” the development of ideas. United States and the pursuit of quality and service, “customers peace of mind.” “Business operators should take the high design, a more long-term strategic look at current environmental impact of the new requirements of the enterprise, in the minds of the public and local governments to establish credible constant pursuit of new environmental objectives and corporate brand image.” Wang Xiaolong said that even if the industry is facing difficulties, energy saving technology can only “take”, not “homes.”   Industry-leading technology to help companies reduce emissions and reuse   Currently, the United States and developed this metalworking fluid purification reuse technology leader in the domestic level. According to the United States and technical engineer, this purification and reuse Process There are five main advantages, first a wide range of applications: In addition to cutting fluid outside regeneration, this technology is also widely used in the regeneration of grinding fluids, drilling, expanding, reaming, boring and other processing fluid generated and produced parts cleaning cleaning fluid, rolling liquid oily waste water purification and other needs. Second, the emission reduction: the scrap metal working fluids as raw materials, high technology has been effectively treated metalworking fluid ingredients, and then formulated to meet the requirements for the production and processing continues back to the workshop, you can greatly reduce the waste emissions and even reduce the use of chemicals, thereby reducing the maximum degree of environmental pollution. Third is to reduce costs: savings of cutting fluid, cleaning agents purchase cost, sewage charges. Fourth, enhance competitiveness: to ensure product quality, while using the United States and metalworking fluid recovery process to reduce sewage discharge namely reducing pollution of the environment, while also reducing production costs, increase profits products, for customers create and market competition increase the force are of great benefit. Fifth, without investing in equipment: AMTT metalworking fluid recycling process means a full integrated system van interior, for a waste water treatment needs of customers AMTT will send professional waste disposal vehicle to the customer site, customers only need to provide water, power supply, gas supply to the scene to deal with, without any investment in equipment and personnel to operate.   Good technology and high quality services to promote the technology in the United States and beginning to win the trust of many customers. “There are some rolling mills in adopting our technology and equipment for oil-containing aqueous waste treatment, we provide the whole package service, make hundreds of tons of oil per year through waste reprocessing achieve reuse, a reduction of several hundred tons of oil high waste disposal costs. with increasingly stringent environmental requirements, poor waste handling companies most likely to face the consequences of the shutdown rectification. for our customers this service is very satisfied with the whole package, the real solution to the companies ‘emissions difficult’ issues. "汪小龙to reporters about their benefits this technology brings to customers.