Russian metal processing machine tool sales growth...

Published on 2019-07-02

Russian metal processing machine tool sales growth of more than 50%
Published: June 5, 2015

  According to the Russian market analysis of metalworking machine tools, metalworking machine tools in Russia most of the imported equipment. In recent years, Russian imports of metalworking machine tools, mostly from China, Italy and Germany. The three countries accounted for nearly 71% of total imports in Russia.   Less Russian-made metal-working machines, domestic market supply less than 1%. The proportion of secondary product on the market, close to 2% of total supply in 2014. It depends on the size of the secondary market of existing equipment to modernize small-scale enterprises to maintain.   In the past five years, sales of Russian metal processing machine tools increased by more than 50%, from 579,000 units to 903,700 units. The main factor of finished equipment sales growth is an increase from the machinery manufacturing and metal processing industry demand for products of these industries are major consumers of the finished product. The next few years, sales of Russian metal processing machines will exhibit different dynamic trend: sales will decline in 2017, sales will increase after 2017.