Germany Aku deburring equipment rounded appearance...

Published on 2018-03-27

Germany Aku deburring equipment rounded appearance CNC machine tools and metalworking exhibition
Published: October 22, 2015

  Shanghai, the market leader in leveling devices - Germany Aku unite 50 years experience in sheet metal processing industry, successfully developed innovative deburring equipment EdgeBreaker round series, became a manufacturer of high quality surface processing equipment. Exhibition will be 2015 November 3 to November 7 at the National Exhibition Center Shanghai (Shanghai Hongqiao) held Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool Show (MWCS 2015) can witness the series (2H Hall Booth D139) on the EdgeBreaker 4000 type deburring machine field operation. During Aku will also showcase FlatMaster 55 type parts precision leveler.   Double-sided sheet deburring and rounding processing: Whether it is plasma cutting, stamping parts or flame cutting element, no matter how large quantities of different materials sheet metal burrs or rough handling, EdgeBreaker all processing becomes simple, cost-effective.   Whether it is aluminum, titanium or steel: Configure the vibration roller EdgeBreaker 4000 type deburring machine can fillet thickness less than 80mm, 150mm or more in length, 1300mm in width parts within the two-sided process. If the length of the part is less than 150mm, it can be done by way of tooling. Deburring while sanding block from both sides of the workpiece gentle rounded handle. Sanding block EdgeBreaker series equipment to travel smoothly without chatter, long service life. Not only it has the highest processing accuracy and the fastest processing speed and simple operation, saving costs. You can easily set through the touch screen, manage and save the parameters, when you need the same machining parts, can be retrieved at any time with. Use EdgeBreaker advantage is that the process safe, excellent quality of the workpiece, allowing you to stand out from the competition.   In addition, EdgerBreaker also has an automatic reminder supplies replacement function; equipped with a pneumatic vibrator roll means can swing back and forth, pneumatic roller to prevent local wear; and have the patented Cartridge way round lateral movement unit can be easily and quickly replace the upper and lower sanding block .   With EdgeBreaker series has listed in China and the United States, the world’s three Aku Leveling Center also simultaneously promoted as “leveling deburring processing center” in the contract to continue leveling processing, but also to provide customers with the generation of deburring processing and test processing services.   Deputy General Manager of Aku Machinery Manufacturing Co. Marcus Bartle said: “The introduction of new services adapted to the needs of the market, is an important step in a logical, and further enrich the product and service portfolio marks Aku, but also demonstrates our commitment to Asia-Pacific Pacific market, especially China market grow together with determination. ”   company Profile   founded in 1928, Aku Machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. is leveling technology and feed technology market leader, with nearly 50 years of professional experience to the global supply the broadest range of highly efficient precision leveling device. Today, Aku has extended a new business area, the introduction of innovative deburring equipment. Corporation set up in Baden-Baden, Germany obtained its ISO quality system certification in Kunshan (China) and Cincinnati (USA) with two subsidiaries will supply its products to nearly 30 countries. A library products include precision parts leveler, cross crew cut, stamping feeder group, the whole group of pre-roll, and deburring round device.   Automobile manufacturing, construction and furniture construction, shipbuilding, railway construction industry and laser processing, and other industries to provide engineering expertise across markets.