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Published on 2018-03-27

Fangyuan Group metal processing company purification equipment to promote cleaner production
Published: September 16, 2015

  Dry CNC plasma cutting equipment in the work process, because a lot of dust and smoke emissions cause pollution to the workplace and surrounding areas, to create a clean working environment, to ensure that the occupational health of workers, Fangyuan Group metal processing company for all with CNC plasma cutting machine to install the appropriate filter. The company through multilateral coordination, independently completed the design, prototype, site installation and commissioning work, all current CNC plasma equipment have been equipped with this type of purification equipment.   The set is divided into purification equipment dust collector, centrifugal fans and chimneys of three parts, which are divided into the main structure of dust into the air tanks, filtration tanks, tank cleaning connection. Negative press=“” forging=“” successful=“” development=“” in=“” young’=“”>pressure cartridge filter cleaning and cleaning type principle, the use of existing 7.5KW negative pressure ventilation fan carried by the wind into the tank S-curve on the implementation of large particles and Mars first filter, then through the refractory the implementation of the second track cartridge and smoke particulate filter, while pulse pressure to the outer surface of the adsorption cartridge dust blown anti-ash, soot achieve centralized collection, so as to achieve clean emissions and protect the atmospheric environment.   After use, this type of purification equipment Treatment effect is obvious, with a compact, low production cost and usage fees, etc., into the use of equipment, greatly improving the level of flue gas purification, truly achieve cleaner production CNC equipment, was widely praised.