Orbit transportation industry brings machine tool tool the ne

The Chinese orbit liaison man that amazingly quick recruitsOrbit traffic of China from after of reforming and opening first time of 90 time evening is carr

Published on 2018-03-27
  • 2011 China CNC metal cutting machine tools production increased by 20.6

    2011 China CNC metal cutting machine tools production increased by 20.6% December 2011, Chinas production of CNC metal cutting machine tools 18000 units, down 21.84 percent. Offers newspaper network data: January to December 2011, the National CNC metal cutting machine tools production reached 257,000 units, up 20.60 percent. From the provinces of production, from January to December 2011, Zhejiang CNC metal cutting machine tools production reached 65,000 units, up 15.81 percent, accounting for

  • Raptors: Chinas huge market is growing outbreak of talent demand gap ro

    2017 world conference on robot concluded in Beijing.Behind the dazzling new robot, how Chinese robot industry development, the challenge?Robots will cause unemployment?Robot to Harbin institute of technology group (HRG) chief executive, said the raptors had an interview with reporters robot market is presents the explosive growth in China, demand gap is huge.He said at the same time, the robot is mainly from the Angle of the tool, to assist people to work, to replace some of the special environm

  • Manufacturing industry is production powerful nation lathe

    Review pop chart of latter China plute, regret the ground discovers, it is land agent for the most part. State enterprise is ranked on the world most before leaning also be the forestall sex industry such as oil, finance, telecommunication, can reflect the field of national actual strength truly, besides spaceflight, aviation of other such as, shipping, mechanical, IT, almost blank. Someone call China world plant , the England hundreds of years ago once also was crossed by such appellation. But



Yang group is committed to machine tool industry innovation a

Uplift force group is a pioneer in the field of forging equipment manufacturing enterprises in our country, since 2010, the group with 116 project as the

Published on 2018-03-27
  • scale electric screw press @ Presses, Metal Forming Machine

    Qingdao Green forging Forging Machinery developed China's first large-scale electric screw press Published: September 21, 2012 Recently, the company successfully developed an aviation enterprises China's first maximum force of EPC-8000 electric screw press sixteen thousand tons, and the product passed the China Quality Inspection Center and the company's product testing and user acceptance. It is understood that the press is saving CNC electric screw press, using a digital vector control, modula

  • disc friction press, to fill empty @ Presses, Metal Forming Machine To

    Published: June 2, 2011 With China's rapid economic development, forging process on the tonnage of existing critical equipment, precision, reliability and a higher degree of automation requirements, large-scale production of key parts of the original casting process train tow hook, etc. can not meet the requirements, and the original 2500 tons of friction presses difficult to complete the task, and the process must be changed to heavy friction press forging production. Qingdao Green forging Forg

  • December 6279 China's imports of metal processing machine to

    December 6279 China's imports of metal processing machine tool units, down 22.68% Published: January 18, 2016 6279 units, down 22.68 percent. Imports amounted to 4.94773 billion yuan, down 7.35 percent. To the previous 12 months, a total of 90,910 sets of metal processing machine tool imports, amounting to 53,597,120,000 yuan, respectively, the cumulative decrease of 14.3% over last year, 19.6%.


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