Lathes, Metal Cutting Machines trends observed

Yi Jie introduced new 120L double-headed CNC lathe Published: January 30, 2015 Taizhou Yi Jie Ltd. CNC machine tools to the general tool users a major surprise. Recently, Yi Jie NC according to market demand, self-development, development of an excellent machine tool products, the company added a series of double-sided lathe a new member. 120L double-headed CNC lathe," Yi Jie is the recent hot push CNC patent models, lets look at the presentation of the product. 120L CNC lathes headed for the el

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  • Install Yang Xincheng ” industrialization of numerical

    Come from Henan to install Yangxin to fill the message of respect of machine tool Inc. to show, this company declares industrialization of numerical cont

  • 50 manufacturing enterprises be come in zhongnanhai, head of the focus

    other;Why Chinese approval issued by the industrial license number according to the statistics is the worlds first, but dominated by China to develop the international standard, but only 1% of the world?It must cause us serious reflection!Throughout the ;Premier li keqiang on August 25, chaired a manufacturing powerhouse construction, continue to promote transformation and upgrading of economic structure symposium throws a huge question.Head 50 manufacturing enterprises and 35, head of the state

  • Guangdong checks Metal Cutting Machine blacklist exposure

    Guangdong checks Metal Cutting Machine blacklist exposure Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision Bulletin 10 products from 23 regular supervision, inspection quality of metal-cutting machine tools product sampling batch pass rate of 93.1%. The total tested five cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and other 87 companies produced a total of 102 metal cutting machine product batches inspected 95 batches failed mainly as follows: electric shock, the operating member, the clamping devic



Mechanical press product quality sampling percent of pass is

General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of mechanical press product quality recently organized a country selectives examin

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  • The compressor that Shu Le belongs to coin to produce with Yu Sanjin is

    Chief inspector of bureau of world multilateral coinage assembles in Mexican city, attend what during coming 17 days on May 11, 2014, hold chief inspector of bureau of coinage of the 28th world is met . Experts concern new-style alloy, color money and strengthened the topic such as the technology that prevent bogus to spread out to discuss. This conference journey still includes to look around be located in st. louis Botuoxi (í of San Luis Potos) Mexican mint, this factory used tens of equipmen

  • Combined forging with annual capacity of 600 sets of numerical control

    On May 10th, hefei forging group invested 100 million yuan, in bengbu anhui bengbu press set up subsidiary manufacturing co., LTD., the annual output of 600 sets of numerical control press ground-broken projects at the same time in bengbu city high-tech zone.This is bengbu high-tech zone construction since the beginning of the year the tenth industrial investment projects. entitled the cradle of Chinese fast hydraulic press manufacture reputation of hefei forging press group, is a competitive tr

  • The world’s first largest hot die forging press in gua

    June 28 in the morning, the first in the worlds largest hot die forging press in guangxi guilin of guangxi seedling industrial zone, marked the guangxi push forward the annual output of one hundred thousand tons of precision forging project completed and put into operation, fill in guangxi in the automotive, diesel


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