Shenyang machine tool guo-hui zhao: to build new ecological 5

On May 17th, value world telecommunication and information, 2018 Chinas Internet industry ecological conference held in Beijing.The meeting with

Published on 2019-07-02


Press set safety standard requirements in Shanghai

Yesterday, the mechanical press safety use requirements in Shanghai.National security supervision bureau of policy and law department director Chen guang

Published on 2019-07-02
  • The compressor opening type that raise force group produces p

    Came 15 days on March 14, 2011, the machine in Beijing organization of limited company of certificate of quality evaluates sincere line of business group

  • The First sixteen thousand tons by the electric screw press 

    forging successful development of Qingdao Green Published: October 22, 2012 Qingdao Green Forging Forging Machinery Co., Ltd. is China's first maximum force of sixteen thousand tons of EPC-8000 electric screw press forging Green recently successfully developed and passed national product quality inspection center and product users testing and acceptance. EPC-8000 electric screw press is following the Green forging company in 2010 tons of the world's first double-disc friction press successfully

  • Group of Shandong grand peaceful builds machine tool of high-end numeri

    A few days ago, the machine tool of large numerical control that group of Shandong grand peaceful drafts to invest level of world of 610 million yuan of construction creates base Qingdao carries gallop heavy industry is mechanical . Current, this project already included industry of Qingdao city key the item, be taken seriously by height of Qingdao municipal government. As we have learned, this base is located in city of Qingdao rubber state to face harbor industry garden, project total floor ar


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