Numerical control lathe machines spherical error analysis to

Graph the error sketch map of axis of X of deviate of point of a knife of 1 lathe toolWhen the treatment on numerical control lathe is spherical, appearanc

Published on 2019-07-02
  • One kind of conductive block WEDM secondary use of special fi

    One kind of conductive block WEDM secondary use of special fixtures nbsp; applicant address: Zhengzhou City, Henan Province High-tech zone Indus Street 121 Abstract: one conductive block WEDM secondary use of special fixtures, including the jig body, the jig body side electrode disposed clamping jaws beam electrode connected to the machine, the clamp body is provided through the central recess of a jig body Let the other side of the two grooves, the grooves and a recess formed through two vertica

  • Dark essence machine appears on the market the CNC lathe that has milli

    Regard CNC as lathe DuraTurn the new model of series, the place of dark essence machine that make appeared on the market to increase those who have milling function DuraTurn 2050MC and DuraTurn 2550MC (graph 1) . Outside be being machined except turning, supportable still whorl (Tap) machine and get cut treatment (Drill) etc. Graph 1: The CNC lathe that has milling function DuraTurn 2550MC The milling function of new model is set through deploying inside buy turns motorly tower tool carrier BMT

  • Promoting the manufacture level of Chinese machine substitution into en

    In recent years, a new generation of information technology and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, has caused the attention of people.This gives Chinas manufacturing industry after be in the front row in the development of the United States, Germany, Japans manufacturing provides the opportunity.If seize the opportunity, will be the development of a new generation of information technology and the urgent need of transformation and upgrading of Chinas manufacturing industry, will g



Liaoning province first progressive die sets straight side f

On July 14, yingkou developed by forging press co., LTD. 1 s4-1250 tons of progressive die straight side four point press rolled out, the product is the first progressive die sets straight side four point press in our province.1 s4-1250 tons of progressive die straight side four point press by the yingkou

Published on 2019-07-02
  • The world's first largest hot forging presses located in Gui

    Published: July 1, 2011 June 28 morning, the largest of the world's first hot forging presses located in Guilin, Guangxi Lingui Yeung Tong Industrial Park, marking the Guangxi promote the overall development of the annual output of 100,000 tons of precision forgings completion of the project, fill in the car Guangxi , diesel engines, construction machinery industry chain forging blank. It is reported that the project technology has reached world-class level, the project energy consumption indica

  • Hefei Forging developed China will turn its full pressure of advanced

    machine tools Recently, Anhui Province 2008 annual research programs (second batch) has been issued, this installment plans were arranged in place of major scientific and technological projects 29. Hefei Forging Group Co., Ltd. as the undertakers "medium-sized CNC mechanical press development and industrialization" project list. Currently signed mission statement, Anhui Science and Technology Department of Science and Technology will provide certain funding. The project application based on meth

  • The first sixteen thousand tons of electric screw press by Q

    Content abstract: EPC - 8000 type electric screw press is green forging company in 2010 the worlds first ten thousand tons of double disk friction press after the successful development on November 1, 2010 with air Jiang Xijing casting company successfully signed the first domestic most vigorously, sixteen thousand


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