Made in hong-ping xu: development of smart need the return of the spiri

At present, as a new generation of information technology high speed development, global manufacturing industry is moving toward other;Intelligent throughout;The direction of the transformation and upgrading.Whether it is a comprehensive layout other;4.0 throughout industry;Germany, other;Industry throughout the Internet ;Concept of the United States or China is carrying out other;Throughout 2025 made in China;, other;Intelligent manufacturing throughout;The core elements. other;The key to trans

Published on 2019-07-02
  • Tens of year be like post of bed of firm guards van

    On April 6 in the evening, gigantic masked equipment makes Zhejiang in limited company workshop, a master is being worn defend lens, attentive before the machine tool burnish is worn spare parts, the same night works overtime in he is province of countrywide model worker, Zhejiang chief technician Xie Youqing. Although already was become gigantic change unmanned insensible lathe work king , enjoy the State Council special allowance, still be elected for the Communist Party of China 18 big delega

  • Machine tool enterprises has lost the soul of innovation?

    A few weeks ago, the public, Disorderly books A tencent without dreams stirred the circle of science and technology of wind and rain.Article said, tencent is in an it thinks the most scientific mode of operation in operating a technology company, has neglected in actual combat a technology enterprises core competitiveness should be from the product innovation.As the paper puts it, innovation is the power of the development of science and technology enterprise, innovation is lost, like a lost dre

  • How to give bearing of scroll of common lathe choice correctly this?

    Scroll bearing type is varied, factor of the following respect can consider when choosing, undertake choosing thereby. The size of ① load, direction and property ball bearing are comfortable at bearing light load, roller bearing is comfortable weigh load and concussion load at bearing. When scroll bearing gets pure axial load, choose thrust bearing commonly; When scroll bearing gets pure radial load, choose deep trench ball bearing or bearing of short columnar roller commonly; While when scrol



Jinan 2 machine tool developed the domestic first large compl

Recently, jinan second machine independently developed the domestic first full servo high-speed automatic press line in saic gm wuhan base on all fronts, o

Published on 2019-07-02
  • Group of day water v is decision-making it is good that for t

    Recently, change from the Ministry of finance, hair appoint, the country such as bureau of total bureau of tax of total office of industry letter

  • Qi 2 machine tool in maintain a number of leading internation

    Recently, the reporter saw in qi 2 machine tool production workshop, the workers are busy everywhere on the lathe, beside the scaffold.Currently, qi 2 mach

  • The introduction of 35,500 t screw press production, nuclea

    production, nuclear power can be forged large blade Published: June 24, 2011 Wuxi Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. Shanghai Electric Group (WTB) imported 35,500 tons of high-energy screw press went into operation. More than 100 energy and aviation industry experts at the scene witnessed the 35,500 t screw press to replace the three deputy dies three hours, to complete a perfect dish, slice, block three highly difficult process of forging products. This marks the WTB towards a world-class aerospace forgin


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