OV Kunshan Billiton positive small gang tool lathe XKC30

Kunshan Extension Positive Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. a small gang tool lathe , in the small diameter parts precision machining and design space-saving, cost-lathe, the spindle motor adopts frequency conversion motor or FANUC servo motor, with a small stroke large, high spindle speed, high feed precision, easy to operate, easy to maintain, chip smooth and so on. Making it a real success of the ultra-compact CNC lathe . In the field of high-precision machining of small parts change must rely o

Published on 2018-03-27
  • Concept of the Japanese machine tool order record I have seen

    January 15, Japanese industrial association published data, Japan in 2017, the year of the machine tool orders (speed) rose 31.6%, to 1.645516 trillion yen.Among them, Chinese demand accounted for 1.01 trillion yen, compared with the same jumped 41.2% last year.Has hit a record high of more than 2007 years, 10 years to refresh the record again, jumped to an all-time high order to Japan to China machine tool.Why the day all of a sudden surge in so many orders, is it because the domestic machine t

  • January to September 2012 our overall product CNC lathes flattening

    January to September 2012 our overall product CNC lathes flattening jc35 REVIEW: The development of Chinas CNC technology started in the 1950s, during sixty-five through the introduction of CNC technology, digestion and absorption of scientific and technological organizations seventy-five period, Chinas CNC technology and CNC industry has made considerable achievements. Especially in recent years, Chinas numerical control industry has developed rapidly from 1998 to 2004 the average annual growth

  • Ningxia bronze gorge ” bearing cereal ” western i

    Heard of? Ningxia bronze gorge has a of bearing cereal, collected a lot of enterprises. Bearing this thing appears ace base is



Press set safety standard requirements in Shanghai

Yesterday, the mechanical press safety use requirements in Shanghai.National security supervision bureau of policy and law department director Chen guang said, the safety requirements as a national mandatory standards, was launched in April this year.All enterprises must to press is equipped with safety protection device and emergency braking device, avoid the improper operation, such as to have been hedge finger work safety accidents. , he said, the introduction of the mechanical press safety r

Published on 2018-03-27
  • tonnage presses production line Order @ Presses, Metal Forming Machine

    QI tools signed world's first large-tonnage press es production line Order Published: February 21, 2011 assembly work. Recently, the China General Technology Group Qiqihar Second Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Foday Automobile Co., Ltd. signed a total contract value of nearly 200 million yuan of 2500 tons and 3200 tons closed more than four automated stamping presses production line purchasing protocol. At present, most of stamping parts production model is the use of multiple pres

  • Compressor of machinery of machine tool adding up to forge p

    Recently, the Hefei city that bureau of Hefei city science and technology shuts Inc. of forge machine tool to assume to Hefei innovates independently major project undertook checking and accept. Expert group is listened to add up to forge Zhang Lanjun of assistant chief engineer tackles key problem to this project

  • saving linear electromagnetic press key technology developme

    "Energy-saving linear electromagnetic press key technology development and industrialization," the acceptance Published: July 1, 2015 technology development and industrialization, "the subject, facing common problems stamping equipment manufacturing industry, focused on solving the press and industry, energy and materials issues to achieve energy-saving compact linear electromagnetic press in the main structure of the design, the driver with the transmission mode, dynamics kinematics and innovat


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