Maanshan Wanma Machine CNC lathes bring new debut Shandong Machine Tool

Maanshan Wanma Machine CNC lathes bring new debut Shandong Machine Tool Show jc35 REVIEW: Seventh Shandong International Machine Tool Exhibition organized by the Jinan Municipal Peoples Government, the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Shandong Die Industry Association jointly organized in September 2012 No. 17 opened in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Maanshan Wanma Machine Manufacturing Co., portable product extravaganza attracted a group after group of spectators g

Published on 2019-07-02
  • Dedicated clinch a deal the machine tool of the quantity is e

    One of surprise activities: Chinese seed profit wisdom build training camp to groom courseOf surprise activity: Master section Jing explodes benefit harding ironOf surprise activity: Grab red bag of 30000 yuan of cash freelyOf surprise activity: VIP courteous reception is enjoyed ceaselessExhibition of machine tool

  • Laser welding will be the next focus on the development of laser indust

    In recent years, laser welding machine, as a kind of high quality, high precision, low distortion, high efficiency and high speed welding equipment, is becoming the important tool of metal materials processing and manufacturing, more and more widely used in automobile manufacturing and other fields.Laser welding is a high intensity of laser radiation to the surface of metal, with a laser interaction with metal, metal absorption laser is converted into heat energy to make metal melt cooling cryst

  • Process designing of numerical control lathe and operation ar

    1.F functionF function instruction is used at controlling cutting feed. In the program, have two kinds of use methods. (1) every turn feedG95 F~ of process



Compressor of machinery of machine tool adding up to forge passes own innovation major project is checked and accept

Recently, the Hefei city that bureau of Hefei city science and technology shuts Inc. of forge machine tool to assume to Hefei innovates independently major project undertook checking and accept. Expert group is listened to add up to forge Zhang Lanjun of assistant chief engineer tackles key problem to this project technology, the project is carried out, capital uses the detailed report that waits for a circumstance, after making an on-the-spot investigation to the project carries out the spot an

Published on 2019-07-02
  • tonnage presses production line Order @ Presses, Metal Formi

    QI tools signed world's first large-tonnage press es production line Order Published: February 21, 2011 assembly work. Recently, the China General Technology Group Qiqihar Second Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Foday Automobile Co., Ltd. signed a total contract value of nearly 200 million yuan of 2500 tons and 3200 tons closed more than four automated stamping presses production line purchasing protocol. At present, most of stamping parts production model is the use of multiple pres

  • Combined forging with annual capacity of 600 sets of numerical control

    On May 10th, hefei forging group invested 100 million yuan, in bengbu anhui bengbu press set up subsidiary manufacturing co., LTD., the annual output of 600 sets of numerical control press ground-broken projects at the same time in bengbu city high-tech zone.This is bengbu high-tech zone construction since the beginning of the year the tenth industrial investment projects. entitled the cradle of Chinese fast hydraulic press manufacture reputation of hefei forging press group, is a competitive tr

  • In 2016, jinan second machine tool worker end of volleyball m

    On October 22, 23, two great champions challenge in two volleyball passion play, mechanical processing company team, welding and heat forging company team


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