Lathe of tall rigid numerical control will be in inclined bac

Xing Fuxiang group accuses an Inc. of machine of Shan Qiao essence (Taiwan) , production technology and product line move garden of industry of science and technology of Xing Fuxiang of stockaded village of red of chinese mainland Guizhou, establish Guizhou to encourage plane of Fu Xiangshan artful essence limited

Published on 2018-05-25
  • Scroll feature special product assessment work entered a new stage

    On September 5, 2017, Chinas machine tool industry association held other;Scroll feature special product evaluation throughout the third stage work expert seminar ;And other;Scroll feature throughout symposium industry development;.Ministry of equipment department related to leadership, jining bot, nanjing han dalian machine tool, high Kate, high technology, gold industry executives, such as nanjing university of science and technology projects, professor, doctor, and machine tool association re

  • The numerical control of common lathe is transformed and feas

    The economy to common lathe numerical control is transformed, when considering overall design plan, the principle that should follow is:

  • Dark essence machine appears on the market the CNC lathe that

    Regard CNC as lathe DuraTurn the new model of series, the place of dark essence machine that make appeared on the market to increase those who ha



Spark Machine Tool CKW Series CNC lathes selected China, excellent, new mechanical and electrical product catalog @ Presses, Metal Forming M

review. Accreditation through and selected products will be incorporated into China's machinery industry portal China Machinery Industry Federation, the main site - Chinese machine via the network ", excellent, new mechanical and electrical product catalog" and to publish at home and abroad show; at the same time in the China Machinery industry quality management Association website, are eligible to participate in the relevant media organized by the unified recommendation, publicity, exhibitions

Published on 2018-03-27
  • Peaceful xingfa machinery co., LTD. Press workers on the prod

    Peaceful xingfa machinery co., LTD., technological upgrading projects, is the city one of the key projects of this year.The project total investment 8.9 mi

  • Jinan two machine open press for the first time exported @ Presses, M

    for the first time exported Abstract: My completely independent intellectual property rights and independent brands open press for the first time exported. By Jinan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. developed the open press total value of $ 1,064,000 of 14 250 tons. The export delivery this time is tight, long product life cycle, on-site storage space is limited, timely inspection and quarantine personnel familiar with the new product testing standards, adopted electronic monitoring and on-site super

  • energy nuclear power screw press forging 67 inches long blade @ Press

    forging 67 inches long blade Published: August 31, 2011 June 11 morning, Wuxi Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. (WTB) forging workshop hall flags flying, one of jubilation scene, each WTB people are in high spirits, his face filled with a proud grin. Because on this day, WTB introduction of state-level key strategic equipment --3.55 ten thousand tons of high-energy screw press will be held commissioning ceremony. On this day, more than one hundred Chinese and foreign power plant equipment industry, forgin


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