Lathe of numerical control of innovation of dawn group techni

Before before long, spaceflight division is versed in numerical control of orgnaization of servo of company of group of dawn of 4 courtyards Nanjing machin

Published on 2019-07-02
  • Reasonable cutting dosage can improve the efficiency of lathe of CNC nu

    Numerical control lathe is a kind of high accuracy, efficient automation machine tool. Deploy multitask knife tower or dynamical knife tower, the machine tool has extensive treatment technical properties, can process linear cylinder, diagonal cylinder, circular arc and the intricate work such as all sorts of whorl, chamfer, worm, have linear interpolation, circular arc interpolation all sorts of compensation functions, produced favorable economic result in the batch production of complex part. T

  • Tianjin on machine tool released annual report Division of th

    Released recently, the tianjin machine on Japan on China, tianjin branch of controlling shareholders as of 31 March 2018 annual results, realize the net

  • Qin Chuanhua promotes a machine tool 4 lathe new product passes apprais

    Machining center of lathe of vertical of numerical control of center lathe of the center lathe of CK6140 numerical control that Jiangsu saves saline city Qin Chuanhua to promote a machine tool, HT360 numerical control, VT600, VMC850 vertical passed Jiangsu to save appraisal of new product and achievement of science and technology recently. Appraisal committee was listening to an enterprise to prepare the report of the circumstance, examined data of concerned technology file, examined prototype,



Pragmatic transformation and upgrading of the road, the press industry

Public information, in October 2015, Chinas new energy automobile production 50 700, an increase of 8 times. In the first 10 months of cumulative production of new energy vehicles 206,900, an increase of 3 times. According to Xinhua News Agency quoted the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Chinas new energy vehicle sales this year is expected to reach 220,000 -25 million, while annual US sales of new energy vehicles is about 180,000. China is expected in 2030 carbon emissions peak, c

Published on 2019-07-02


GEORDING is the manufacturer of plastic recycling and pelletizing machine in Taiwan. We specialize in plastic pelletizing machine, plastic washing machine, plastic waste recycling machine, powder conveying system, crusher machine, sheet making machine, plastic shredder machine. Geording plastic recycling machine plastic granulator plastic waste recycling machine powder conveying system

Published on 2019-09-02

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