Mitsubishi heavy industries developed vertical machining cent

Mitsubishi heavy industry developed a maximum of 3000 x 800 mm size table of large vertical machining center MV80.Mainly used for processing of aircraft

Published on 2018-03-27
  • The intelligent manufacturing innovation entrepreneurship competition d

    23 from chongqing on district party committee propaganda department, the 2nd national intelligent manufacturing innovation entrepreneurship competition division finals on the evening of 22 in the ocean.Innovation and entrepreneurship two groups the top three of a total of six projects, will enter the finals in Beijing, on behalf of the southwest region and the national innovative entrepreneurial superior athletic contest.According to introducing, this contest by the ministry of industry and info

  • Homebred Shanghai of lathe of numerical control of neck of first cranks

    Limited company develops plant of Shanghai heavy-duty machine tool successfully recently made 2 CK61125 × lathe of numerical control of neck of 6500 crankshaft main shaft. This machine tool has the characteristic such as easy control of high speed, efficient, quality, can shorten apparently crankshaft treatment is periodic, solved domestic high-power diesel engine difficult problem of craft of special crankshaft treatment. 6500 crankshaft of CK61125 × lathe of numerical control of main shaft n

  • The main use of commonly used machine tool

    Lathe basically is used at machining the end panel of all sorts of circumgyrate surfaces and swing tower. If turning inside and outside is columnar,chamfer of face, taper seat, annulus reachs figuration hodometer face, turning end panel reachs all sorts of commonly used whorl, deserve to tooling still can be machined



Domestic production of the first fully automated production line officially put into forging presses @ Presses, Metal Forming Machine Tool trends observed

May 8, the domestic production of the first fully automated production line 125MN hot forging press in the National Machine Group's China First Tractor Group Co., Ltd. (China YTO) officially put into operation. China Forging Association, honorary president He Guangyuan, speaking at the commissioning ceremony: "China has entered the ranks of the world's great powers forging, but not world powers dragged forging forging industry 'tons of line' of production, not only of the crankshaft and the fron

Published on 2018-03-27
  • Jinan two machine open press for the first time exported @

    for the first time exported Abstract: My completely independent intellectual property rights and independent brands open press for the first time exported. By Jinan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. developed the open press total value of $ 1,064,000 of 14 250 tons. The export delivery this time is tight, long product life cycle, on-site storage space is limited, timely inspection and quarantine personnel familiar with the new product testing standards, adopted electronic monitoring and on-site super

  • The domestic first most vigorously, sixteen thousand tons of

    Content abstract: a few days ago, by Qingdao blue forging forging machinery co., LTD for an aviation enterprise developed the domestic first most

  • Yang group is committed to machine tool industry innovation a

    Uplift force group is a pioneer in the field of forging equipment manufacturing enterprises in our country, since 2010, the group with 116 project as


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