Of lathe of economy of choose and buy numerical control at 5

1, the craft demand that pre-construction of lathe of economy numerical control determines typical part, batch that processes work, the function that lathe of protocol numerical control should have is to do good pre-construction, reasonable the structural dimension that the technology that chooses the premise

Published on 2019-07-02
  • Wu Bing book: open a new chapter in the development of innovation drive

    The economic operation other;Stability of into throughout;, the quality efficiency improved significantly.In 2017, Chinas mold industry sales growth will remain at about 5%, is expected to more than 1 90 billion yuan;Mold export growth is expected to more than 10%, reaching 34 billion yuan.To keep the world mold manufacturer and exporter.In high-grade mold proportion continue to improve, economic efficiency improved significantly, ningbo combined mould technology co., LTD listed on the Shanghai

  • From borrow ship to sea to ship out ma on shan enterprises to accelerat

    Recently, anhui, textile machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as other;Daily throughout textile ;)Administrative manager Ren Xiumin are busy rushed in export orders.Mechanical equipment manufacturing industry as a leader, hair textile in ma on shan demonstration garden in 2015 formally completed and put into production, the main production double twisting machine, the rotor spinning machine, seamless underwear machine intelligent textile machinery and production lines, products are expor

  • Lathes, the small batch processing gas (oil) tank method (on)

    In the lathe machining boring tool floating gas (oil) tank, a high level of technical requirements for the operation of the general precision lathes, machining can be qualified products, in small batch production, its cost far lower than other processing methods. Combined with the actual situation of SMEs, without adding any auxiliary equipment conditions can be processed outlet (oil) tank, both to meet single service, but also to meet in small batch production. ② When machining tool side, be



Qi 2 machine tool in maintain a number of leading internation

Recently, the reporter saw in qi 2 machine tool production workshop, the workers are busy everywhere on the lathe, beside the scaffold.Currently, qi 2

Published on 2019-07-02


GEORDING is the manufacturer of plastic recycling and pelletizing machine in Taiwan. We specialize in plastic pelletizing machine, plastic washing machine, plastic waste recycling machine, powder conveying system, crusher machine, sheet making machine, plastic shredder machine. Geording plastic recycling machine plastic granulator plastic waste recycling machine powder conveying system

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