Series of DHV965 of constant power machinery: Innovation design makes h

Exhibit in the Ning Bo that just ends on, enterprise of a machine tool harvested countless attention, it is Ningbo limited company of constant power machinery (the following abbreviation: ) of constant power machinery. Be subordinate to of constant power machinery belongs to group of Zhejiang Heng Wei, it is the innovation that a major is engaged in research and development of Electromechanical unifinication product, production, sale, service company. This ginseng is exhibited, heng Wei machiner

Published on 2018-04-11
  • Homebred machine tool applies the problem of circumstance and existence

    Homebred machine tool puts the issue that be inSummary is Baconian rise, putting in with homebred machine tool a few more the following specific issue: · precision maintains a gender bad: Much home user is mirrorred, precision of homebred equipment treatment drops faster, equipment fault rate is more. · dependability needs to strengthen: Component of unit of homebred numerical control system, drive power source, lubricant cooling system, control, function more or less to exist dependability pr

  • The numerical control of common lathe is transformed and feas

    The economy to common lathe numerical control is transformed, when considering overall design plan, the principle that should follow is:

  • China lead the new era of CNC lathes @ Machine Tools trends o

    China lead the new era of CNCnbsp;lathesjc35 REVIEW: With the international and domestic economic development,nbsp;CNC lathesnbsp;more deeply concerned about the economy, while China's high-speed CNC lathes industry is in a leading position.nbsp; At present, many domestic manufacturers to produce various types of high-end machining centers, CNC lathes industry will become the fastest growing types of products, the largest proportion of a class of products, it is directly related to the constructi

Chongqing 2 machine lathe of C2-360 series numerical control pass appra

On September 7, 2010, chongqing finite liability company assumes works of the 2nd machine tool lathe of C2-360 series numerical control the expert appraisal that project of innovation of technology of Chongqing city key carried Chongqing city economy and informatization committee organization smoothly. Appraisal meets new product be in Fu Lichuan of deputy director general to chair by Chongqing city economy and informatization committee science and technology, chongqing university makes project

Published on 2018-05-25

Of lathe of economy of choose and buy numerical control at 5

1, the craft demand that pre-construction of lathe of economy numerical control determines typical part, batch that processes work, the function that lathe of protocol numerical control should have is to do good pre-construction, reasonable the structural dimension that the technology that chooses the premise

Published on 2018-05-25

When can response of minister of science and technology let m

When can be Chinese common people just used Chinese core ? The intelligent machine tool of the system of to load numerical control such as machining center of grinder of homebred numerical control lathe, numerical control, numerical control, when can you use Chinese core ? The National Peoples Congress of 12

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China's first successful development of servo presses in Jinan @ Presses, Metal Forming Machine Tool trends observed

China's first servo press recently developed by the Jinan Machine Tool Group success . China Machine Tool Association Director-General Wu Berlin and other industry experts believe that this indicates that China stamping product development and manufacturing strength has been fully reached the international advanced level. As the world's most advanced press technology one servo press technology suitable for processing large car cover, only a handful of foreign companies to master the technology a

Published on 2018-03-27
  • Imported 35500 tons of screw press, forging large nuclear po

    Shanghai electric group wuxi turbine blade co., LTD. (WTB) allows went into operation imported 35500 tons of high energy screw press.More than 100 35500 tons of energy and aviation industry experts live to witness the screw press in three hours to replace the three pairs of mold, the perfect finish plate, sheet,

  • In 2016, jinan second machine tool worker end of volleyball match

    On October 22, 23, two great champions challenge in two volleyball passion play, mechanical processing company team, welding and heat forging company team win won the mens, womens volleyball team crown, respectively.At this point, in 2016 two worker end of volleyball match. 10 22 womens volleyball finals, welding and heat forging company team against the press and automation team, entered the white-hot in the opening minutes, two teams score rise alternately, final forging welding team they narr

  • Jinan two machine open press for the first time exported @ Presses, M

    for the first time exported Abstract: My completely independent intellectual property rights and independent brands open press for the first time exported. By Jinan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. developed the open press total value of $ 1,064,000 of 14 250 tons. The export delivery this time is tight, long product life cycle, on-site storage space is limited, timely inspection and quarantine personnel familiar with the new product testing standards, adopted electronic monitoring and on-site super

The compressor that Shu Le belongs to coin to produce with Y

Chief inspector of bureau of world multilateral coinage assembles in Mexican city, attend what during coming 17 days on May 11, 2014, hold chief inspector of bureau of coinage of the 28th world is met . Experts concern new-style alloy, color money and strengthened the topic such as the technology that prevent

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National science and technology is great and special ”

In June 2014 5 ~ 6 days, group of 2 machine tools assumes Jinan machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment national science and technology is great and special -- large servo compressor the project is mixed through checking and accept in Dalian appraisal. This project relies on

Published on 2018-05-25

Group of Shandong grand peaceful builds machine tool of high

A few days ago, the machine tool of large numerical control that group of Shandong grand peaceful drafts to invest level of world of 610 million yuan of construction creates base -- Qingdao carries gallop heavy industry is mechanical . Current, this project already included industry of Qingdao city key the item,

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