Lathe of 4 axes chuck shortens treatment is periodic

Graph the delay time holding card that lathe of 4 axes chuck can reduce a hardware to the greastest extent, main shaft can use a level or perpendicular direction installation accuses chuck lathe when 4 number of axle when correct application, can offer a spare parts to pack the function of 0 delay time that card needs. Because be in cutting when two main shaft,this is of treatment when condition, two main shaft can install the others the part that needs treatment. Let us imagine the HMC(horizont

Published on 2018-03-27
  • Look from the national strategic analysis instrument made 

    Not long ago, I had the honor of the Chinese academy of engineering attended by the Chinese mechanical engineering society, China automotive engineering society, China electrotechnical society, Chinese instruments and meters, jointly organized by the Chinese society of agricultural machinery otherThroughout

  • The 2017 annual meeting of intelligence building industry of China succ

    Enforcement of the 2025 made in China for more than two years early has effect, Chinas manufacturing industry is experiencing a new round of more profound changes, the 19th report again for our country and otherSmart industry Pointed out the new direction of development.The new journey began to intelligent manufacturing in China, the state council issued the 2025 China manufacturing plan, issued a new generation of intelligent planning, just after the partys 19 big in the opening report also pro

  • Sola Ruth, milling, boring and turning under the digital environment ap

    Driven by innovation and experience accumulated in the past 55 years, sola Ruth (SORALUCE) to become a global leader in milling, boring and turning technology.Put innovation at the forefront, sola Lou stone too many technical leading machine tool industry.We live in a constant change of the world, a world in which requires excellent.Greater capacity, higher precision, higher efficiency, enhance performance, user friendly, human body engineering, safety, and cost-effective, at the same time to re



Neat 2 machine tools revitalize next is benefited in domestic

2013 first half of the year, machine tool market is benefited the growth of the industry such as downstream car, whole appears anabiosis posture, deman

Published on 2018-03-27
  • The world's first largest hot forging presses located in Gui

    Published: July 1, 2011 June 28 morning, the largest of the world's first hot forging presses located in Guilin, Guangxi Lingui Yeung Tong Industrial Park, marking the Guangxi promote the overall development of the annual output of 100,000 tons of precision forgings completion of the project, fill in the car Guangxi , diesel engines, construction machinery industry chain forging blank. It is reported that the project technology has reached world-class level, the project energy consumption indica

  • Jinan two machines large presses National Science and Techno

    Recently from the 2007 National Science and Technology Awards Conference upload to the good news from Jinan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. independently of "LS4B-2500 type 2500 US tons press closed four-point multi-link" project won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, Jinan is the highest award in this Technology Conference obtained. Previously, "LS4B-2500 type 2500 US tons press closed four-point multi-link" project has won the first prize for scientific and technological progress

  • Hefei Forging developed China will turn its full pressure of

    machine tools Recently, Anhui Province 2008 annual research programs (second batch) has been issued, this installment plans were arranged in place of major scientific and technological projects 29. Hefei Forging Group Co., Ltd. as the undertakers "medium-sized CNC mechanical press development and industrialization" project list. Currently signed mission statement, Anhui Science and Technology Department of Science and Technology will provide certain funding. The project application based on meth


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