Lathe of tall rigid numerical control will be in inclined back type put

Xing Fuxiang group accuses an Inc. of machine of Shan Qiao essence (Taiwan) , production technology and product line move garden of industry of science and technology of Xing Fuxiang of stockaded village of red of chinese mainland Guizhou, establish Guizhou to encourage plane of Fu Xiangshan artful essence limited company, be engaged in numerical control lathe, numerical control establishing the research and development of the car and production. Promote Fu Xiangren in order to make Chinese Swit

Published on 2018-04-11
  • Numerical control lathe machines spherical error analysis to

    Graph the error sketch map of axis of X of deviate of point of a knife of 1 lathe toolWhen the treatment on numerical control lathe is spherical, appearanc

  • Ningxia bronze gorge ” bearing cereal ” western i

    Heard of? Ningxia bronze gorge has a of bearing cereal, collected a lot of enterprises. Bearing this thing appears ace base is

  • Mitsubishi heavy industries developed vertical machining center can be

    Mitsubishi heavy industry developed a maximum of 3000 x 800 mm size table of large vertical machining center MV80.Mainly used for processing of aircraft and engine parts and long size of mould, etc.To the user can be in accordance with the length of the workpieces and highly selective performance parameters, the various performance parameters of the machining center. the machining center is mainly aimed at the following requirements: hope size beyond ordinary processing center workbench large wo



tonnage presses production line Order @ Presses, Metal Forming Machine Tool trends observed

QI tools signed world's first large-tonnage press es production line Order Published: February 21, 2011 assembly work. Recently, the China General Technology Group Qiqihar Second Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Foday Automobile Co., Ltd. signed a total contract value of nearly 200 million yuan of 2500 tons and 3200 tons closed more than four automated stamping presses production line purchasing protocol. At present, most of stamping parts production model is the use of multiple pres

Published on 2018-03-27
  • The First sixteen thousand tons by the electric screw press forging s

    forging successful development of Qingdao Green Published: October 22, 2012 Qingdao Green Forging Forging Machinery Co., Ltd. is China's first maximum force of sixteen thousand tons of EPC-8000 electric screw press forging Green recently successfully developed and passed national product quality inspection center and product users testing and acceptance. EPC-8000 electric screw press is following the Green forging company in 2010 tons of the world's first double-disc friction press successfully

  • QI tools to keep a number of leading international press in manufactu

    Presses, Metal Forming Machine Tool trends observed | 3PO's ViewCollection all articles about Presses, Metal Forming Machine Tools, Metal Foundry Equipment, Metal Forging Equipment, Metal Welding Equipment, Metal Cutting Equipment etc. 部落格全站分類:財經政論

  • The compressor opening type that raise force group produces p

    Came 15 days on March 14, 2011, the machine in Beijing organization of limited company of certificate of quality evaluates sincere line of business group


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