South Korean customers to more machine tool plant trial pipe threading

In August of this year, Korean customer to shandong more machine tool plant co., LTD., examine the device trial pipe threading lathe, more machine tool plant manager li warm reception of the ministry of foreign trade the Korean customers and achieve long-term cooperation intention.Accompanied by manager li, customers visited more machine tool plant production line equipment and technology, and the pipe threading lathe was a series of professional testing and evaluation.Through practical applicat

Published on 2019-07-02
  • What the spare parts uses constantly is machine to take cutter track li

    What the spare parts uses constantly machine to take cutter track line on numerical control lathe: (1) the analysis of course taking a knife of car circular arc When practical car circular arc, need much knife treatment, excise major surplus first, final ability car goes place to need circular arc. The treatment line with car commonly used circular arc introduces below. Graph a flight of stairs of the 1 circular arc that it is a car takes cutter track line. Graph 1 Graph 2 (A) the homocentric ci

  • Guangdong research and development of intelligent manufacturing overtak

    New research and development institutions in guangdong towards intelligent manufacturing process, plays an important role.21st century business herald the reporter understands, based on the characteristics of local industry, on the one hand they are solutions, technologies and services provider, to help more manufacturing enterprises other;Smart throughout;The transition;On the other hand, they also take technical catch and innovation mission.In the 21st century economic reporter survey found re

  • Ma on shan bo hope area set up the first city-level skills master studi

    , according to a report in the wan jiang online, the reporter learns from Po district people club bureau, anhui space machine tool manufacturing co., LTD. Cheng feifei skills master studio, recently approved as maanshan skills master studio, this is bo hope areas first municipal skills master studio. the studio will be funded by the municipal finance one-time give 30000 yuan, funding is mainly used for technical skills innovation research and development, the new technology at home and abroad to



The world’s first largest hot die forging press in guan

June 28 in the morning, the first in the worlds largest hot die forging press in guangxi guilin of guangxi seedling industrial zone, marked the guangxi pu

Published on 2019-07-02
  • The world's first largest hot forging presses located in Gui

    Published: July 1, 2011 June 28 morning, the largest of the world's first hot forging presses located in Guilin, Guangxi Lingui Yeung Tong Industrial Park, marking the Guangxi promote the overall development of the annual output of 100,000 tons of precision forgings completion of the project, fill in the car Guangxi , diesel engines, construction machinery industry chain forging blank. It is reported that the project technology has reached world-class level, the project energy consumption indica

  • The first sixteen thousand tons of electric screw press by Qi

    Content abstract: EPC - 8000 type electric screw press is green forging company in 2010 the worlds first ten thousand tons of double disk friction press

  • Thai cosette with innovative design of indexable type gun drill CIMT201

    The deep hole processing is a process with the machining process is very difficult, and has become the bottleneck of many manufacturers in the optimization process.Would normally use brazing welding gun drill or carbide drill, but there are still some problems need to solve in practical application. cimt2017 Thai cosette los booth cimt2017 machine tool show, Thai cosette innovation design of indexable type gun drill can solve these problems, the product can provide the same as the soldering weld


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Published on 2019-09-02

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