Liaoning wafangdian recapture “of Chinese bearing”

Dalian wafangdian city in liaoning province is the birthplace of Chinese bearing industry.A few days ago, other;City of China bearing throughou

Published on 2018-03-27
  • Makino machine power transformation and upgrading of deco precision mol

    In recent years, up a new force in the mold industry, and an important part in the field of precision mould force of the coma ndash; ndash;Is located in yuyao and huangyan, ninghai town cluster with more than 500 professional mould manufacturer, has mold processing workshop more than 2000. other;With local enterprise managements perception of the market, and the understanding of precision mould, you can see the ninghai mold companies toward lsquo;Advanced rsquo;Direction, and even some use cheap

  • Shenyang machine tool guo-hui zhao: to build new ecological 5 d intelli

    On May 17th, value world telecommunication and information, 2018 Chinas Internet industry ecological conference held in Beijing.The meeting with New connections, new ecological, new future As the theme, focusing on key topics in the current Internet of things development Ecological construction , analyze the present situation, the concerned problems, pulse key, the path, and promote cooperation, promote ecological construction to foster healthy Internet of things industry.Held in the afternoon o

  • Zhao Guohui of Shenyang machine tool: Compose builds 5D intelligence to

    On May 17, during be worth world telecommunication and information day, congress of modes of life and relation to their environment of industry of network of couplet of 2018 China content is held in Beijing. This congress gives priority to a problem with condition of new link, new student, new tomorrow, the crucial task zoology of development of network of current substance couplet builds focusing, problem of analytic current situation, attention, feel pulse crucial, discovery method, stimulativ



Group of Shandong grand peaceful builds machine tool of high

A few days ago, the machine tool of large numerical control that group of Shandong grand peaceful drafts to invest level of world of 610 million yuan of construction creates base -- Qingdao carries gallop heavy industry is mechanical . Current, this project already included industry of Qingdao city key the item,

Published on 2018-05-25
  • China's first 35,500 tons screw press production, a key step @ Presse

    production, a key step Published: June 15, 2011 June 11, Shanghai Electric Group, Wuxi Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. (WTB) is a world-class 35,500 tons screw press officially put into operation. More than 100 Chinese and foreign energy, aerospace industry and forging industry experts gathered WTB new plant, to witness this historic moment. Since then, WTB officially entered the aviation and nuclear power and other high-end forging field, marking a key step to its becoming a global supplier of blades a

  • Enhance the core competitiveness and industry concentration is the key

    Presses usually driven by the electric motor through the friction disc leaving the flywheel rotating flywheel rim, its compact structure, less transmission links. So, what is it mechanical principle of the press? Presses no fixed dead center, large forging on, you can repeatedly blow molding can be singles, even play and jog. Strike force and deformation of the workpiece is related to the fight against large deformation force is small, deformation hour strike force. But its a low blow speed slid

  • Appraisal of achievement of science and technology of compres

    As we have learned, limited company of compressor of forge of Tianjin city weather assumes technology of Tianjin city industry innovated 2011 project --


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