Zhejiang jinyun county town in machine cup skills contest starts in Sep

by zhejiang province lishui city jinyun human social security bureau, the county party committee organization department, the county county federation of trade unions and other departments jointly organized jinyun county;Machine tool town cup 2017 vocational skills grand meeting registration work has been in full swing today, this ability grand meeting activities will further enhance the overall quality of the practitioners of jinyun county machinery industry, promote the important measure of hi

Published on 2019-07-02
  • Of lathe of economy of choose and buy numerical control at 5

    1, the craft demand that pre-construction of lathe of economy numerical control determines typical part, batch that processes work, the function that

  • Lathe of tall rigid numerical control will be in inclined bac

    Xing Fuxiang group accuses an Inc. of machine of Shan Qiao essence (Taiwan) , production technology and product line move garden of industry of science

  • Scroll feature special product assessment work entered a new stage

    On September 5, 2017, Chinas machine tool industry association held other;Scroll feature special product evaluation throughout the third stage work expert seminar ;And other;Scroll feature throughout symposium industry development;.Ministry of equipment department related to leadership, jining bot, nanjing han dalian machine tool, high Kate, high technology, gold industry executives, such as nanjing university of science and technology projects, professor, doctor, and machine tool association re



Press set safety standard requirements in Shanghai

Yesterday, the mechanical press safety use requirements in Shanghai.National security supervision bureau of policy and law department director Chen guang

Published on 2019-07-02
  • scale electric screw press @ Presses, Metal Forming Machine Tool trend

    Qingdao Green forging Forging Machinery developed China's first large-scale electric screw press Published: September 21, 2012 Recently, the company successfully developed an aviation enterprises China's first maximum force of EPC-8000 electric screw press sixteen thousand tons, and the product passed the China Quality Inspection Center and the company's product testing and user acceptance. It is understood that the press is saving CNC electric screw press, using a digital vector control, modula

  • Domestic production of the first fully automated production

    May 8, the domestic production of the first fully automated production line 125MN hot forging press in the National Machine Group's China First Tractor Group Co., Ltd. (China YTO) officially put into operation. China Forging Association, honorary president He Guangyuan, speaking at the commissioning ceremony: "China has entered the ranks of the world's great powers forging, but not world powers dragged forging forging industry 'tons of line' of production, not only of the crankshaft and the fron

  • Qi 2 machine tool to sign the world first big tonnage transfer press pr

    Since January, qi 2 machine tool and adhere to improve the production ability of organization, optimize the production process, ensure that have all the work for the whole year, a good step.Now, the companys production plan one month full, everywhere can see the workers are busy in the workshop production.The graph is qi 2 machine tool workers in 12.5 m CNC double column vertical lathe assembly work.Before , China general technology group qiqihar second machine tool (group) co., ltd. and guangdo


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Published on 2019-09-02

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