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In March 2018 28-31 day, too lake international machine tool exhibits the attitude that will exhibit business, record-breaking nearly 60 thousand square

Published on 2018-08-13
  • Do common problem and processing technique have tool carrier

    Breakdown phenomenon one: Dynamoelectric tool carrier locks up lathe incompactBreakdown reason reachs corresponding processing technique: ① post a letter dish the position was opposite: ? Li  Nai mu does ジ pull ⑿ of  of Kun of ⒌ of    to discharge channel of  of billows extensive boundless and indistinct Mi of

  • Boring machine of deep Kong Zuan of Shandong Pu Lisen and new-style lat

    The CIMT 2009(that shortly will come exhibition of machine tool of the 11st China International, came 11 days on April 6, beijing) go up, limited company of Shandong Pu Lisen group (the date that exhibit a stage: W2-B205) will exhibit boring machine of deep Kong Zuan of TK2180 numerical control and CK61200G × heavy-duty center lathe of 110 numerical control two products. Deep aperture of TK2180 numerical control gets boring machine is treatment cylindrical the special machine tool of deep apert

  • Series of DHV965 of constant power machinery: Innovation design makes h

    Exhibit in the Ning Bo that just ends on, enterprise of a machine tool harvested countless attention, it is Ningbo limited company of constant power machinery (the following abbreviation: ) of constant power machinery. Be subordinate to of constant power machinery belongs to group of Zhejiang Heng Wei, it is the innovation that a major is engaged in research and development of Electromechanical unifinication product, production, sale, service company. This ginseng is exhibited, heng Wei machiner



Spark Machine Tool CKW Series CNC lathes selected China, excellent, new mechanical and electrical product catalog @ Presses, Metal Forming M

review. Accreditation through and selected products will be incorporated into China's machinery industry portal China Machinery Industry Federation, the main site - Chinese machine via the network ", excellent, new mechanical and electrical product catalog" and to publish at home and abroad show; at the same time in the China Machinery industry quality management Association website, are eligible to participate in the relevant media organized by the unified recommendation, publicity, exhibitions

Published on 2018-03-27
  • Press industry out of the mire of financial crisis

    Electric screw press industry equipment production technology innovation in the development of press equipment is a very important position, the contradiction between technological innovation and product development is also increasingly fierce, the main cause of this problem or electric screw press in the production of technological innovation is not in place, the lack of injection of fresh elements, causing problems between technological innovation and product development has become increasingl

  • Liaoning province first progressive die sets straight side f

    On July 14, yingkou developed by forging press co., LTD. 1 s4-1250 tons of progressive die straight side four point press rolled out, the product is the first progressive die sets straight side four point press in our province.1 s4-1250 tons of progressive die straight side four point press by the yingkou

  • disc friction press, to fill empty @ Presses, Metal Forming

    Published: June 2, 2011 With China's rapid economic development, forging process on the tonnage of existing critical equipment, precision, reliability and a higher degree of automation requirements, large-scale production of key parts of the original casting process train tow hook, etc. can not meet the requirements, and the original 2500 tons of friction presses difficult to complete the task, and the process must be changed to heavy friction press forging production. Qingdao Green forging Forg


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